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What is the right Egro model for my needs, for today and tomorrow?
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With a super automatic model, just choose the drink you want, and the machine will grind, tamp, brew, and steam milk for you from the touch screen selection or with an auto steam wand for the milk portion.
How Do I Choose the Right One?
The 1 Step produces a completed drink from the touch of a drink selection on the keypad for both espresso and milk-based beverages like Cappuccino. This model needs a cold milk source, and the completed drink comes through the dispensing head. Some brands have the ability to have 2 different milks come through the 1 touch system, some come standard with automatic steam wands for steaming selected milks, some have optional automatic wands in place of manual wands. 
The 2 steps where the coffee comes from a drink selection on the keypad for espresso or Americana through the dispensing head and the milk is steamed in a pitcher with an automatic steam wand. 
Picking the right Egro machine for your particular business is a detailed process. There are several aspects you should consider, such as the following topics:
The Next is Egro's newest machine. It features an Android software operating system that has the most flexible user options. The Next and the Milk XP 1 step with the attached refrigerator has a milk delivery pump system that delivers the milk quicker and with more adjustment range then the separate refrigerator models. The 1 step models are able to be fitted with an optional manual or ISteam automatic steam wand. 
  • Your budget
  • Your employees’ experience.
  • Your drink menu
  • Your drink volume
  • Cup Size
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