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“Trestino Espresso Beans

4-5 Lb. bags Price $16.50 Lb. = 20 Lb. $330.00 “

Triestino” Espresso refers to Trieste, Italy – which is the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Northeast Italy.

The Port of Trieste is Italy’s and one of Europe’s great coffee ports, supplying more than 40% of Italy’s coffee.

Lighter bodied than our more traditional espresso blends with a smooth body and creamy mouthfeel, the rich nut-toned flavors of this blend are accented by lively fruit notes.

The flavor profile of the Espresso Triestino is inspired by the style of espresso which is normally consumed in this region.

Roast level: MEDIUM-LIGHT

CHARACTERISTICS Cupping notes: Brazil nut, Raspberry, Silky

Trestino is an original blend of the finest African, Central and So. American varieties, specifically prepared medium roast to produce a creamy and aromatic espresso with a particularly rich body and complex, aroma.

• Trestino espresso beans • Italian espresso blend • excellent for espresso, as well as drip and other coffee brewing methods 

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