Faema Famina

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Faema Famina 


Includes: Free shipping of your espresso machine. 1-year parts & 1 year Bench labor due to defective parts

Faemina is more than just an espresso coffee machine, it’s an exclusive design element that symbolizes a high-quality lifestyle.

The one-group espresso machine is designed for the home & commercial market and high-end professional settings including boutiques, concept stores, bistros, and any other small to mid-size businesses that aim to provide an emotional coffee experience to their customers.

Faemina incorporates strong design elements with its minimal and classy characteristics while combining innovative technology to ensure the espresso performance is not compromised. This includes a brewing unit for filter and espresso coffee, an optional water softener filter, auto steam wand to help texture milk automatically & a direct plumbed kit.

Faemina is also equipped with different ergonomic solutions, including the option of a removable drainage tank and Up & Down system to recreate different recipes in different cup sizes.

The coffee community can also interact with the machine thanks to the Be Faema app, featuring voice recognition.

The Famina is NSF & UL approved for commercial usage. 

A Classy Version from an encounter between the worlds of design and coffee comes Faemina, for a top-level coffee experience you can enjoy at home.

Make your choice among Classy Style model colors with an optional automatic turbo steam wand. 

Prosumer, & commercial usage/ portable or plumbed. 

Clean lines, high quality materials (steel and aluminum) and the 100% made in Italy manufacture, makes this machine a timeless work of art, born to last.

High Performance The most advanced technologies of the professional world for the home & small business market segment (extraction temperature control, double boiler, water softening filter integrated in the water tank), is just a few of the Famine's outstanding features.

Timeless Design

Clean lines, high quality materials (steel and aluminum) and the 100% made in Italy manufacture, make this machine a timeless work of art, born to last.

High Performance

The most advanced technologies of the professional world for the home & small business market segment (extraction temperature control, double boiler, water softening filter integrated in the water tank), for a higher cup quality certified by WBC and IEI

In addition to espresso, one of those beverages can be filter coffee. Users can place their pour over cone of choice under the group head, then lower the adjustable drip tray, use the built-in touchscreen or the dedicated phone app to automate a pour over with adjustable variables including the bloom phase, pulsation pause intervals, water quantities and flow rates. All at the touch of a button. 

The drip tray can be raised, lowered or removed to accommodate different cup and cone sizes. “It’s capable of replicating all the necessary brewing phases; the user has full control,”

All the parameters are customizable.

Faema wants to offer to its user a coffee experience characterized by a diversified menu, from a highest quality espresso with professional extraction like at the coffee shop, to an automatic brewing option.

” A series of systems that are unique in the market: perfect milk frothing, thanks to the manual steam wand and the Auto steam option - cappuccino in a Touch -. "artful" extraction of different types of hot beverages and a height-adjustable discharge tray for each type of cup (Up & Down System) User-centric Solutions Front water tank, with removable drawer and automatic display notification.

Adjustable drip tray according to the size of the cups. Advanced Time & Energy Saving systems (coffee delivery only 5 minutes after start-up and automatic stand-by at 10 minutes of inactivity). Via the machine or the-Faema" App

The Be FAEMA App allows you to remotely set the operating parameters, establishing a simpler, more flexible and personal relationship with the machine.

An invitation to the entire community of coffee lovers, to be constantly updated on the world of coffee. Support with Voice Recognition Through Voice Recognition system it is possible to access content dedicated to Faemina (in-depth information, video pills, infographics,).

An innovative system that guarantees a better smart-home experience, contributing to the construction of the GTi Independent boiler heating system.

The water for the coffee is distributed to the appropriate boilers, where it is brought to the desired extraction temperature.

The GTi heating system incorporates control over the infusion stag:

You can customize the temperature of each coffee unit and more!

The total extraction time is also customizable, being given by the amount of water and the necessary contact time during the pre-infusion phase, Goal: You can ensure the best extraction temperature for each type of blend, and you can also enhance the blend used, modulating the bitterness and body in order to optimize the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee extraction.

Thermobalance System/Thermodrive Thermal balancing system to regulate water temperature by mixing water heated by the heat exchanger with mains water (available for thermosiphonics

Auto steam With Auto steam, you can automatically froth milk at a constant temperature and at an optimum quality level, just like a professional barista. With Auto steam Milk4, you can choose both the temperature and the froth level (i.e. the amount of cream) for each recipe. A device for heating and frothing large quantities of milk without manual intervention.

The Milk2 version allows you to customize the temperature and level of emulsion of the frothed milk: not frothed, a little cream, standard cream, lots of cream.

Smart boiler System capable of managing the accumulation of energy stored in the boiler monitor's the water flow inbond so as to keep the heated temp desired at the optimum stability to allow a maximum constant supply of steam and water, even with intensive use of the machine.

Application: You can keep the pressure in the boiler constant at all times, ensuring maximum steam production even under the most demanding conditions. Goal: You can optimize the performance of the boiler and ensure that you are never in the position of having insufficient steam flow.


Steam wands 1
Hot water selections 1
Boiler capacity (liters) Coffee 1liter. and Steam Boiler 3.5 liter.
Hot water economizer YES
Width (in) 15, Depth (in) 15.3 21.3, Height (in) 20
Weight (lb.) 55
Power at 110-120V~ 60Hz (W) 1,700-s.


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