Filicori Zecchini

Filicori Zecchini Delicato Bean 12-12oz Bags

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Filicori Zecchini

Delicato Blend Bean

1-12-12oz Bags Per Case, 2-12-12oz Bags Per Case, 5-12-12oz Bags Per Case, 


Filicori Zecchini’s Delicato blend gets its name for being a delicate flavor profile of dark chocolate, vanilla, and toasted cereals. However, this in no way means this coffee doesn’t pack a punch. The medium level of roasting preserves the coffee’s natural flavors and body, meaning each sip guarantees the drinker a consistent roundness. Plus, that delicacy is offset by a pleasant acidity, meaning the coffee makes a pleasant, sweet start to any day. Use in espresso machines, French presses, and Moka pots.

  • A precious blend of Brazilian Arabica, Indian Robusta and beans from Guatemala, Gran Crema Delicato is a coffee with an articulate and complex spiciness and well-rounded flavor. Sweet and delicate tones dominate, with an aroma which evokes plain/dark chocolate, vanilla and toasted cereals.
  • WE ROAST THEN BLEND or coffees: Each kind of coffee bean needs its specific roasting procedure. We roast each kind of coffee at perfection before creating the espresso blend Not surprisingly all our whole coffee beans have the same color.
  • SAME FLAVOUR ALL YEAR ROUND. We have been buying our coffee from the same farms for the past decades and know exactly what we are getting: premium quality coffee beans. Many other companies buy their coffee based on lowest price, often by corner-cutting farms. That’s why our espresso coffee always taste the same, all year round. d.
  • CERTIFICATIONS and ORIGIN: we are 1 of 5 Italian companies' member of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and all our products are GMO Free Certified and have a Quality Certification by the Italian Institute of Espresso. Our coffee grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable family businesses they depend on. We have been buying our coffee from the same farmers for decades in Brazil, India and Central America building a long standing relationship with them.
  • FILICORI ZECCHINI | IN THE COFFEE BUSINESS SINCE 1919 - our coffee is served in more than 3,500 coffee shops all through Italy and we are recognized as “Espresso Specialist”. The two families, FILICORI and ZECCHINI, still own and run the company in Bologna since 1919. We are one of the oldest and most recognized espresso coffee brands in Italy