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French Roast Phin Dark Coffee 6 X 12oz

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Mr. Espresso Oakwood Roasted  

French Roast Phin Dark Blend

6-12 oz. Bags 

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Our Dark French Roast is darker than dark, perfect for traditional Vietnamese coffee. This is a darker roasted version of the same delicious blend as our regular French Roast, yet we push this roast a little darker still to give you the deepest, richest flavor to stand up to the sweetness of condensed milk. Brew with a Vietnamese Phin filter or in any standard brewer. Either way, a lightly syrupy mouthfeel and low acidity allow this intensely flavorful coffee to both counter and complement rich desserts or the sweetened condensed milk in your favorite traditional Vietnamese coffee drink.

NOTE: For use in a Vietnamese Phin filter, you may select Medium Grind #8.

  • as drip and other coffee brewing methods

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