La Cimbali S20 Fresh Brew Bean to Cup

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LaCimbali S20 Bean to Cup 


Includes: Free shipping & installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. This service includes one trip for installation to made ready water, electric & carpentry with drink set up & equipment demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.


Developed by drawing on knowledge and expertise about Super Automatic Machines for over 25 years, La Cimbali S20 enhances the La Cimbali super automatic range with a perfect solution for locations that produce around 200 cups per day. and with the metal coffee group, this coffee machine always guarantees the highest quality.

This Bean-to-cup machine offers high-quality coffee beverages, both hot and iced and always fresh.

Thanks to its two integrated grinders the coffee beans are freshly grounded on demand to maintain the quality of every blend. Hot & Iced Fresh Brew

The new S20 FB allows you to select up to 2 different temperatures one adjustable hot and one cold water infused for water over ice drinks to enjoy FRESH BREW however you prefer it.

Enjoy a wide range of hot and iced coffee drinks in different sizes and flavors: 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz.

The coffee beans are freshly ground at a tap of a button thanks to the two integrated grinders. High quality, always fresh, and no filters.

Coffee Group S20 Fresh Brew guarantees the perfect temperature from the very first cup with its pre-heated metal 50 mm brewing chamber with microfilter (up to 30 gram).

Don’t worry about peak times at work: the machine ensures continuity for every size also for XXL cups and carafes.

New User Interface

Choosing your coffee recipe has never been easier! With its 7 '' capacitive touchscreen display and its intuitive and user-friendly interface, everything is just a tap away. And that's not all, you can give your machine the personal touch by customizing the screen saver, drink icons, background, and more!


An intelligent and smart machine that can be connected to the Internet at the touch of a button thanks to its embedded Wi-Fi module. Get a real-time snapshot of all S20 Fresh Brew performances or malfunctions thanks to the bidirectional telemetry.

You can also download the CUP4YOU app to remotely select and customize your drinks.

Features of the S20 Fresh Brew:

Recommended Cups Per Day: Up To 200 New Intuitive User Interface 7.0” Touchscreen, Up To 96 Drink Selections Main Spout Pre-Heated Metal Coffee Group Smart Boiler 4 Different Cups Size – 12, 16, 20, 24oz 2 Grinders, Up To 2 Different Coffee Blends

Double Tamping For 20 And 24oz Hot & Iced Fresh Brew Wi-Fi Connectivity Bi-Directional Telemetry USB Port e installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative.


Touch Screen drink selections Up to 96 Pre-set recipes 36

Boilers and capacity (liters) 1 x 2.6

Grinder-dosers 2 Coffee hoppers and capacity (Kg) 2 x 1.2

Coffee group diameter (mm) 50

Ground disposal kit Yes

Microfilter Yes

Dimensions W x D x H (in) 14.6 x 24.4 x 30

Weight (lbs) 157

Power at 208-240V 60Hz (W) 3500-4600 W






HOT&ICED FRESH BREW Water Filter Systems

WI-FI MODULE EMBEDDED S20 FRESH BREW can be connected to the Internet with a simple touch. In fact, the Wi-Fi module is integrated into the machine, so you just need a network connection, and you are done (like for smartphones and tablets).

The machine communicates a variety of information ranging from the precise consumption and the cleaning history to the errors that occurred.

The communication is two-way. Therefore, still via Wi-Fi, you can remotely update the technical documentation saved on it and adjust the parameters of the programmed selections.

S20 FRESH BREW can be remotely monitored and managed constantly, thanks to BI-DIRECTIONAL TELEMETRY, the machine provides a real-time snapshot of all its performance or malfunctions.





• EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT PLANNING OF MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS The machine is equipped with a USB port. This allows you to update the software, technical documentation, interface images and videos simply by using a USB stick. It is also possible, once all the desired selections have been programmed, to copy these settings onto a memory stick and transfer them to another S20 FRESH BREW:

fast and easy Installation

Package includes up to 3 hours labor & 1 Hr. travel of certified technician service.

Requirements: Plumbing, drain, and electrical needs to be in place and complete per the manufacturer's installation specs prior to installation. Water filtration is required and not included in the installation package. Water Requirements - 3/8" dedicated cold-water line with shut off valve and compression fitting - water hardness must be between 3-5 grains per gallon or 50-85 ppm - water softener and/or filter must be installed if it exceeds the limits - Minimum incoming water flow rate of 35 GPH and the maximum line pressure of 70 PSI / 5

BAR Drain Requirements -Open gravity drain of minimum 1.25 inches within 4 feet of the machine. Extended length is posable at extra hose cost note 220-volt machines come without plug.

The installation package does not include general construction services (including but not limited to electrical wiring, water and drain plumbing, drilling countertops, the installation of other equipment, etc.).

Additional travel costs may be required for locations outside of 50 miles or 1 hr. travel time. 

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Defend your factory warranty and machine from destructive hard water minerals leading to calcium buildup, and harm to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts. This all-in-1 filter is the solution for many hard water conditions.

Enhance coffee flavor with a BMT Bestmax premium 5 stage filter containing magnesium for improved taste or the standard 4 stage protection filter. For the premium option, consider using a water meter to monitor filter change based on magnesium levels.

Set the dial to 1, 2, or 3 on the BWT filter head to align with water hardness and brewing system needs. Achieve ideal protection and lifespan according to water hardness. Replace cartridges effortlessly without water shutdown.

The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

See our compete BWT accessories discount packages.

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