La Cimbali S30CP10 +T/S Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Model & Refrigerator Options S30 CP10

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La Cimbali S30CP10 + T/S

Includes: Free shipping & installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. This service includes one trip for installation to made ready water, electric & carpentry with drink set up & equipment demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.

Want an Automatic steam wand, on your 1 step then look at the new total package model S30CP10.+T/S 1 Step 2 Step 

Designed to be a total package of consistent quality espresso and steamed or cold snow milk with reliable automation with operator options.

Primary completed drinks at the touch of a button from the 10-inch touch screen, works with an optional side refrigerator to produce a completed espresso-based hot or cold snow milk drink, The milk refrigerator holds a primary milk, complemented with an operator selected turbo steam wand to handle the optional milk selections. that has 4 operator preselected buttons with different milk emulsion steam and temperature settings. 

When you invest in something like a super automatic espresso machine, you want the assurance of quality backing your purchase.

Fortunately, the La Cimbali S30 was the winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016. Not only does it make preparing a wide variety of drinks simple, but you can be certain it’s well-designed.

The S30CP+T/S is the perfect machines for high volume bakeries, Coffee Shops, large office environments. Thanks to the exclusive cold milk foam technology, that widens even more of the huge menu of recipes you can select from. Up to 250 cups per hr. all, of course, with the same excellent quality. 

Your high profit coffee center is a button away. Your serving staff will love the ability to provide a great coffee beverage to the customer with the push of a button while producing consistent cappuccinos, Café Latte, espressos and Americana's. You are sure to deliver a more consistent high-quality espresso or cappuccino to your customers on time with the long wearing heated metal brew group. , .

The S30CS10 +T/S with hot chocolate 1 step 2 step with a complete hot or cold touch milk drink system at the push of a button and the ability to produce 24 different drink selections with hot or cold milk coupled with customizable drink icons and naming provides your staff with a user-friendly money-making specialty beverage machine.

LaCimbali New Generation of Super Automatic S30 with its big 73mm titanium coated long lasting red speed burrs and quick self-adjusting high speed electronic controlled grinders, with long lasting temperature stable steel brew group gets the coffee in the cup, quick, hot and consistent. (Note self-adjusting grinders work best with shelf stable coffees.

When you get those nonstop orders of 8 oz. cups. or those 12,16 & 20oz. Café latte to go, look to the S30 to get the job done. With twin Stainless Steel boilers, 5,500 watts of steam power and heavy-duty heating elements to keep up with high demand while producing consistent espressos. You are sure to deliver a more consistent high-quality espresso or cappuccino to your customers on time with the aid of a heated metal brew group. Rated between 300 / 350 cups per day.

With the possibility to manage and control the pre infusion of your coffee delivery phase, all adjustable coffee and milk parameters contribute to getting the most out of your selected hot or cold coffee beverage. Provide your customer with a wide selection of espresso-based specialty beverages to select from and provide yourself with more sales.

The S30CS T/S features a large 10 inch easy to read touchscreen display panel with an intuitive graphic interface with integral cloud-based network connectivity for the two-way exchange of data between operator & service center * factory.

LaCimbali S30 large 10-inch tempered glass touch screen can be fully customized with menu selections, screen savers, colored LED lighting, video clips, live news feeds, and can also carry branded promotional messaging which becomes an especially powerful sale tool. when the S30 is used in self-serve mode.

By collecting and exchanging data automatically using bi-directional Wi-Fi, the S30 can be monitored remotely for quality control; consumption and output levels; fault diagnosis; as well as cleaning and maintenance purposes. Data can be viewed via a PC, tablet or smartphone thereby optimizing machine performance and minimizing the service cycle,

The S30 benefits from several patented technologies including Milk PS, a new milk preparation system that allows even the smallest quantity of hot or cold milk can be frothed for more creative recipe development. There is also Smart Boiler, which boosts steam and hot water capacity throughout the brewing cycle, therefore avoiding drops in production; plus,

Other new technology includes an optional integral self-cleaning hot chocolate powder system with a 2.2 lb. hopper that allows the beverage menu can be extended with a range of the soluble chocolate. "Plus the type of data that the machine can generate is invaluable to anyone who wants to maximize both the operating performance and profit potential of the beverage menu.” AWS (Automatic Washing System): the milk circuit wash cycle is fully automatic. Be-directional Wi-Fi connectivity and USB port.


200 Coffee (cups / hr.)

190 Cappuccino (150cc cups / hr)

29 Hot water (liters / hr. - 500cc quantities)

33 Steam (liters / hr. - 500cc quantities)


Touch Screen selections 24

Hot water selections 2

Hot water wands 1

Steam wands 1

Cappuccino System with Milk PS Snow Milk

Adjustable delivery spout

Group diameter (mm) 50

Smart boiler technology

Steam hot water Boiler 1

Hot water & steam boilers' capacity (liters) 1,25

Coffee boilers 1-

Coffee boilers' capacity (liters) 0,7

Grinder- 2 Titanium coated, high-performance grinding burrs

PGS (Perfect Grinding System)

Hoppers 2 Hopper capacity (kg) 1,2 + 1

Cups’ guide

USB port

Draw Amp 22 -25-amp breaker /30-amp plug. 

OPTIONALS Micro Filter

Motorized delivery spout

Milk missing kit.

Ground disposal kit

CSI/CCI computer interface kit

(series connection)

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