La Cimbali S60

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La Cimbali S60 Turbo Wand 


Includes: Free shipping & installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. This service includes one trip for installation to made ready water, electric & carpentry with drink set up & equipment demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.


Top of the line S60 is in the highest category of performance.

This is a high-volume machine, like a high-Performance car, is made to run hard in busy places. Rated between 500 / 550 cups per day.


With the guarantee of the best quality cup of espresso with a vast and diverse beverage menu. Starting with 3 grinders for a wide selection of coffee types from 1 or 2 regular espressos and 1 decaf or 1 regular espresso, 1 long drip blend 

The technology of a fully automatic with a look and feel of a traditional machine is the perfect combination, La Cimbali S60 is able to deliver a never seen before high quality of coffee service.


The S60 2 step comes in 2 versions.


1) with 1 Automatic turbo steam wand & 1 Standard wand with a temperature prob and read out that provides the milk temperature at the point of steaming.

2) with 2 Standard wands with a temperature prob and read out that provides the milk temperature at the point of steaming.

The ability to serve up to 600 cups daily and a completely new user-friendly experience allows for an unbeatable volume in service.

The innovative technologies centered around coffee allow for a successful fast-paced environment thanks to the Turbo function, the new strengthened and silenced grinder-dozers.

Further advanced technologies that see milk-based beverages, including the HQ Milk system and Smart Milk Sensor, allow for an enriched menu where milk has the star role.

La Cimbali S60 also aims to improve the baristas experience by introducing different tools like manual levers and integrated temperature sensors for a perfect milk foaming, or the Turbo Steam Cold Touch that allows for a comfortable milk steaming.

The entire control of the machine on behalf of the chain manager is ultimately achieved by the integration of Wi-Fi in the S60.

A total remote control of all the settings and parameters of the machine can be managed through Wi-Fi like the boiler temperatures of coffee, the parameters of every recipe to the type of screen saver and the LED light colors.

Available for the whole fully automatic line is also the innovative CUP4YOU, an App available on the Apple Store and Google Play,

Designed specifically for baristas but also for the end customer as it allows them to create their favorite drink, without direct contact with the machine. The S60 allows for baristas to create up to 96 different recipes coffee and milk based. Aside from the traditional espresso, the S60 also offers a more international menu such as cappuccinos, lattes or other new trends like French coffee, Cafe Crème and the double/triple shot.

The first fully automatic coffee machine with a look and feel of a traditional one: with the diversity of both Select the 2 Step Turbo Steam wand with 4 automatic operator pre-programed selections for temperature and foam consistency for your Cafe with cups to go or restaurant, or the 2 step with manual steaming with a temperature read out for your restaurant or Coffee house needs.

The S60 can give you 3 coffee selections for an expanded coffee drink menu along with 2 steam wands. in both a turbo automatic steam wand for ease of use and a manual steam wand with built in temperature read out to fit the barista hands in a traditional way.

LA Cimbali traditional C side shape Lever control for manual steam wands in stainless steel material elegant chrome hopper and chassis details

Double screen - 7” Touchscreen + 11” TFT display - and traditional keyboard, finely designed to guarantee high speed quality in the cup service.

S60 is conceived for locations that require a high performing super automatic in the traditional coffee machine way, Able to guarantee up to 260 cups of espresso per hour and 600 cups per day, An unprecedent value for a fully automatic machine.

The S60 ensures continuity of work also during peak times and excellent quality in cup be it an espresso or a 20 oz cafe Latte, thanks to the high duty pre-heated metal coffee group and high technology senioritis to manage and control the infusion and delivery phase.

With 3 grinders, 2 main and 1 smaller for decaf or other, you have an expanded selection of coffees for an expanded specialty coffee drink menu. with a espresso coffee designed for both straight or mixed with milk S60 would like to inspire future Baristas and coffee lovers who strive for high level quality result in cup, without compromising the hand-made coffee experience, with all the benefits of a new barista-machine interaction: Wi-fi module embedded, USB port, acoustic high-quality speaker and a dynamic double interface.

The machine has two, harmoniously integrated, intuitive displays that interact with each other, an unprecedent solution in the market of fully automatic machines.

SMART STEAM WAND Featuring 1 Turbo wand with a 2nd one with a visual temperature indicator built in for the semi-manual steam wand with a temperature sensor embedded and lever control and purge function on the one step model or with a fully automatic turbo wand on the S60 2 step model.

Designed for an easier and more accurate preparation of milk-based drinks ranging from the lightly trained staff to the skilled barista. The integrated sensor indicator, on the machine displays the milk temperature. This can prevent over pre under heating the milk.

While the automatic turbo steam is self-steaming the barista has his hands free to prepare other beverages with considerable savings and optimization of service times. The automatic steam wand is easily programmable to obtain 4 different frothing and temperature hot milk recipes. The result is a thick and velvety milk foam.

CONNECTIVITY AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS S60 takes advantages of Internet, being intuitively connected, thanks to the embedded Wi-Fi module, Through a present Wi Fi. connection no matter where you are from Shanghai to Milan you can customize S60 display, recipes parameters, and meanwhile analyze all the data related to consumption and counters, improving business analysis on a national or international level.

LaCimbali New Generation of Super Automatic the S60 with its big 73mm burrs, twin Stainless-Steel boilers, self-adjusting high-speed grinders gets the coffee in the cup, quick, hot and consistent.

The S60 Milk4 PS 1 step with a complete hot or cold touch milk drink system at the push of a button and the ability to produce 24 different drink selections with hot or cold milk coupled with customizable drink icons and naming provides your staff with a user-friendly money-making specialty beverage machine.

The La Cimbali S60 is a major industry advance with the Perfect Touch, a new generation of “super smart” super automatics espresso machine, featuring Internet technology that can provide a powerful management information system by factory.

The tempered glass touch screen can be fully customized with menu selections, screen savers, colored LED lighting, video clips, live news feeds, and can also carry branded promotional messaging which becomes an especially powerful sales tool when the S60 is used in self-serve mode.

By collecting and exchanging data automatically using bi-directional Wi-Fi, the S60 can be monitored remotely for quality control; consumption and output levels; fault diagnosis; as well as cleaning and maintenance purposes. Data can be viewed via a PC, tablet or smartphone thereby optimizing machine performance and minimizing the service cycle, In terms of coffee & milk quality,

The S60 benefits from several patented technologies including Milk PS, a new milk preparation system that allows even the smallest quantity of hot or cold milk can be frothed for more creative recipe development. There is also Smart Boiler, which boosts steam and hot water capacity throughout the brewing cycle, therefore avoiding drops in production; plus the Turbo Steam 4 with a new safety feature, a “cold touch” steam wand coated with an insulating and anti-adherent material to prevent the build-up of milk residue, and which remains cold before, during and after steam delivery.

Other technology includes an optional integral self-cleaning hot chocolate powder system with a 2.2 lb. hopper that allows the beverage menu can be extended with a range of the soluble chocolate hopper.

“The type of data that the machine can generate is invaluable to anyone who wants to maximize both the operating performance and profit potential of the beverage menu.”

With the AWS (Automatic Washing System): the milk circuit wash cycle is fully automatic.

via the-directional Wi-Fi connectivity and USB port.


350 Espresso (cups / hr.)

290 Cappuccino (150cc cups / hr)

39 Hot water (liters / hr. - 500cc 

Touch Screen selections 24
Hot water selections 2
Hot water wands 1
Steam wands 1
 Cappuccino System with Milk PS 
 Snow Milk 
Adjustable delivery spout 
 Group diameter (mm) 50
 Smart boiler technology 
 Coffee boilers 1
 Coffee boilers' capacity (liters) 1,
 Hot water & steam boilers' capacity (liters) 1,75
 Grinder-dozers 2
 Titanium coated, high-performance grinding burrs 
 PGS (Perfect Grinding System) 
 Hoppers 3
 Hopper capacity (kg) 1,8 + 1
 Cups’ guide 
 USB port
W x 20.8-inch x D x 26.7-inch x H 32.6 inch
Weight 200 Lb.
Power at 220-240V~ 50/60Hz (Watts) 4800 - 5700
Draw Amp 38 -50-amp service recommended.
Recommended cups per day: up to 600
11” Display TFT with Selection Keys
7” Touch Screen Display
Preheated Metal Carousel Coffee Group
Turbo Function
Smart Boiler
2 Steam Wands with Temperature Sensor
Third Grinder-Doser
Wi-Fi Connectivity 
Bi-Directional Telemetry
USB Port
Ground disposal kit. 
 CSI/CCI computer interface kit (series connection) 

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