La Cimbali Super Automatic Cleaning Tablets Eco-Cleaner

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La Cimbali System Cleaning tablets

1 Box contains 150 tablets. 

Save $10.00 on 2 boxes (300 tablets total)

La Cimbali Eco-cleaner Tablets are an effective solution for immediate cleaning. Each blister-packed tablet contains an oxygen-reacting formula, guaranteeing 100% effectiveness. These tablets remove coffee oils and residue that accumulate on internal components, helping to prolong the lifespan of your coffee machine. Plus, each tablet is individually wrapped to maintain its oxygen content and maximize its performance. Choose the environmentally friendly approach with La Cimbali Eco-cleaner Tablets.

La Cimbali cleaning tablets are compatible with the following La Cimbali coffee and espresso machines: 

  • M1
  • M2
  • S10
  • S15
  • S20
  • S30
  • S60 

The use of one tablet per brewing group is recommended for optimal cleanliness. To ensure the highest level of hygiene for your coffee machine, we recommend exclusively using La Cimbali's authentic detergents.

These La Cimbali cleaning tablets are specifically designed to maintain peak cleanliness of the coffee groups in high-performance Italian coffee machines, optimizing their performance.

Specially designed for La Cimbali espresso machines, these cleaning tablets are perfect for maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and performance. Exclusively developed for use with La Cimbali espresso machines.

Each screen requires one cleaning tablet per day.

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