La Marzocco Linea Mini MP

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La Marzocco Linea Mini MP 


 The Mini is considered a non-commercial machine by La Marzocco

  • Usage in a commercial application will void the warranty. 

Warranty 2 year parts & Labor dispatched through La Marzocco 

La Marzocco has taken the Linea Classic commercial espresso machine and redesigned it for the home market.

  • The Linea Mini simply brews and steams to perfection. All the consistency and power you need to make café quality espresso drinks in your kitchen.
  • The Linea Mini features a 3.5 L steam boiler, a 6 fl oz. brew boiler with PID temperature control (temperature is adjusted using a analog control wheel), a hot water wand and steam wand, as well as a 3.5 L reservoir.
  • A plumbing kit is available if you'd prefer to hook up your machine directly to your direct water and drain - just call us for more details.

Available in stainless steel, white, red, or black powder coats. Some color options may have different lead times, contact our sales team for more information.

This is a high performance machine by any standards. The PID controlled, dual boilers and integrated brew group system with pre-infusion will bring superb consistency to your espresso routine. The large steam boiler produces powerful steam and provides quick recovery.

From the paddle-activated brew group to the magnetically aligned drip tray, every detail has been thought through for simplicity and practicality. Please note that La Marzocco have not yet released the direct plumbing kit for the Linea Mini so it runs off its water reservoir.

Applications including  small restaurants, catering and professional offices . 

Power: The Linea Mini comes standard with a 120V 15 amp power requirement and can plug into any regular kitchen outlet.

Brew Paddle: The EE brew paddle comes with programmed pre-infusion creating more consistency from shot to shot.

Water Reservoir: A built in water reservoir, holds 3 liters of water and allows for a good deal of espresso experimentation before needing to refill. No need to drill holes in your kitchen counter

Dual Boiler: The dual boiler system comes with new brew group technology that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of our commercial machines, but in a much smaller footprint.

Barista Lights: Barista lights turn on when brewing is engaged, lighting up the drip tray and allowing you to see the beautiful colors of your espresso as it’s brewing

Temperature Adjustment: Temperature is adjustable using a stepped adjustment wheel on the side of the machine to dial in the correct temperature for the coffee you are brewing.


The Linea Mini is only 14 inches wide taking up less horizontal counter space, fitting into your kitchen and looking amazing while doing it

Included Accessories:

Steel tamper, 12 oz steam pitcher, one steel portafilter: single spout, double spout, 5 portafilters baskets: 7 gr, 14 gr, 17 gr, 21 gr, blind,

    • EE Paddle brew control system
    • Temperature control with internal stepped turn wheel
    • Integrated Brew Group (similar to the Saturated Brew Group, but with a reduced footprint)
    • Indicator lights provide machine status feedback
    • Pre-programmed 1 second pre-infusion
    • Analog interface
    • Available in Stainless Steel, Black & White
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