La Marzocco GB S 5 EE Models

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La Marzocco GB S 5 EE


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Equipped with proprietary La Marzocco electronics and advanced temperature stability, the GB5 S EE (semi-automatic) combines classical European design with cutting edge performance. The machine has been modernized since its original release in 2005 and is an elegant companion to any coffee bar. The two red lilies on the side shields recall the company’s Florentine heritage, while partially exposed groups offer a streamlined barista working experience. The machine provides the barista control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, automatic cleaning cycles and more to keep high quality coffee flowing even during the busiest hours.

The La Marzocco GB5 S EE semi-automatic espresso machine is built for handling the highest volume cafes. It’s also built for those who prefer a more manual control over their shots. Unlike its sibling the GB5 S AV (auto-volumetric) the EE model starts and stops each shot at the barista’s time of choice with the simple press of a button above each group head. This allows the user to prioritize their workflow to their needs and specifications.  You’ll find a digital interface boiler temperatures and the pressure being applied at each group in real time. Powerful steam wands are controlled by rotary knobs at either side of the machine.

You’ll find all of the commercial features on the GB5 S EE that has made the name “La Marzocco” synonymous with quality and reliability over the last century. Dual boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production while dual PIDs allow you to electronically control coffee and steam boiler temperatures. The Piero group caps maintain thermal stability at the group heads, and a quick, automatic back flush takes place each time the portafilter is removed, keeping the machine clean during peak hours. Lastly, ruby flow restrictors resist scale formation and erosion, extending your GB5 S’s internal integrity.

La Marzocco GB5 S EE Features

  • Semi-Automatic (EE): The barista starts and stops the shot with either a push-button or paddle interface to achieve the preferred coffee volume
  • Dual PID (coffee & steam): This allows you to electronically control coffee & steam boiler temperatures
  • Piero Group Caps (AV and ABR): Re-engineered internal water path that increases temperature stability
  • Dual Boilers: Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production
  • Auto Backflush: Simplifies the cleaning process to improve efficiency
  • Ruby Flow Restrictors: Ruby flow restrictors resist scale formation and erosion
  • Performance Touch Steam Wands: Vacuum-insulated double-walled steam wands remain cool to the touch while delivering high volume dry steam
  • Easy Rebuild Steam Valve: Engineered so the valve can be serviced directly from the front of the machine without needing to be removed
  • Partially Exposed Groups: Improved workspace visibility for streamlined barista workflow
  • Certifications: UL-197, NSF-8, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 109
  • Water filtration is required (sold separately)

    What's Included

    • Portafilters with specialty baskets & blind baskets
    • Tamper
    • 3/8" braided steel water line
    • 3/4" flex drain tube
    • Short rubber feet/legs
    • Standard stainless steel feet/legs

    2 Group Specifications

    • 21.4"H (high legs) x 29"W x 25.2"D
    • Weight (lbs): 150
    • Voltage (VAC, phase, Hz): 208-240, 1
    • Element Wattage (W): 5200
    • Brew Boiler Capacity (liters): 3.4
    • Steam Boiler Capacity (liters): 7
    • Amp Service Required: 30

    3 Group Specifications 

    • 21.4"H (high legs) x 38.5"W x 25.2"D
    • Weight (lbs): 171
    • Voltage (VAC, phase, Hz): 60 208-240, 1
    • Element Wattage (W): 6800
    • Brew Boiler Capacity (liters): 5
    • Steam Boiler Capacity (liters): 11
    • Amp Service Required: 50
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