La Spaziale S50 Performance Electronic TL

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Size 2 Group Performance Tall
Color Black

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La Spaziale 2 & 3 S50 Proformance Electronic TL


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The S50 is available in three different versions in a standard or tall cup model.

Based on your operation and coffee selections of single origin and blends along with roast profile, The proper system is available for your operation and price point.

1) The Performance with independent boilers and Pressure profiling,

2) The 3.0 with independent boilers

3) The Proformance with Independent Boilers PID system

Strong personality in design and performance, enclosed in new and captivating shapes, the new professional coffee machine, S50 is the industrial jewel of La Spaziale.

This new machine is also the result of market demands and feedback from our customers that we have heard and translated into reality; they asked us for aesthetic appeal, a touch screen and innovative tools to manage the extraction and to maintain the reliable results they were used to. And we satisfied them.

The S50 transmits dynamism, ergonomics and aggressiveness. The result? A strong machine designed to be the protagonist of the space that surrounds it and to be a true furnishing element that can be easily integrated into any location.

It was created to celebrate 50 years of the company and it is an element of rupture and novelty with La Spaziale aesthetic tradition, tradition in the heart and innovation in shapes. We took care of the choice of the materials that compose it, from the massive use of aluminum alloys to steel. All materials are treated to be shocked and scratch resistant and to preserve aesthetics over time.

A LED system based on RGB technology that also illuminates the worktop and the high-resolution capacitive touch display with a customizable user interface that allows greater interaction, complete the aesthetic offer.

As confirmation of the modernization of the look, numerous internal functions have also been thought, to embrace the new, expanding market trend in a heat exchanger designee. The machine also manages the heating process in an intelligent way and guarantees consistent energy savings.

Specifically, the S50 manages to optimize energy efficiency based on workload and usage requirements, all according to 3 settings: ECO: 33%, NORMAL: 66% and BOOST: 100% (Power management system of the machine).

The traditional heart of the machine that has made it reliable in the reference market is flanked by a new and innovative design that projects it into the future.

• Capacitive graphic displays: main display TFT 7” and group displays 4.3

• Steam delivery lever with 3 functions: On/Off/Purge

• “Purge” function for coffee delivery groups

• 2/4/6 programmable buttons for coffee delivery

• “Cool touch” steam wands

• Preset/mixed hot water delivery (with adjustable temperature) • ECO function and energy consumption monitoring (Kw/H)

• Independent control of boiler resistance heating elements

• Worktop with led adjustable luminous intensity (0-100%)

• RGB led lateral inserts and feet with colors and intensity variations (0-100%)

• EGS function • Group and boiler semiautomatic cleaning cycle

• On/Off timer

• Coffee counter • Coffee extraction time monitoring

• Electronic temperature regulation for the cup warmer tray with 4 different temperatures • Electronic sensor for boiler pressure

• Pressure gauge for pump pressure (digital for 3.0 and Performance)

• Alarm history

• Prearranged for Bluetooth connection and USB port

2 Grp Specifications.

Dimensions Lx D x H 32.5 x 24.4 x 25.6 

Power Volt (230 V 50/60Hz 4600W

Boiler capacity (liters)10

Weight 189

3 Grp Specifications.

Dimensions (inch) Lx D x H 42 x 24.4 x 25.6

Power Volt 230/400V 50/60Hz 6200W

Boiler capacity (liters)15

Weight 231

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