Mahlkonig EK 43 Industrial Coffee Grinder

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Mahlkonig EK 43 Grinder


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Designed for Medium to Large Coffee Shops

The EK43 is one of the most popular retail coffee grinder models for higher-volume coffee shops. Few grinders come close to the quality and speed it offers.

The huge 98mm flat burrs supply a consistent grind and deliver results in record time. Over three pounds of coffee are ground on an average setting in just one minute while the EK43 stays perfectly cool—you can safely grind continuously when it gets busy.

A convenient bag clamp holds retail bags in place so that you can operate the EK43 hands-free while attending to other pressing tasks to improve customer service. And if you need to grind for drip or pour-over coffee brewing, the EK43 is your all-in-one shop grinder.

With the wide fineness range all the way from a fine Turkish grind to French press and cold brew settings, the EK43 does it all (faster).


Grinding samples in roasteries requires an efficient and highly precise grinder. Without a doubt, the powerful EK43 fits the bill.

It will grind sample after sample without overheating, and lockable slide plates on the hoppers give you the opportunity to swap coffee types with ease. 

Topping it all off with an extensive fineness range and stepless grind adjustment, the EK43 offers coffee roasters more choice, high accuracy, and top performance.


As a retail grinder, it may seem that the EK43 is not cut out for restaurants. On the contrary, the EK43 can actually grind more than coffee with special burrs: spices, grains, seeds, and other foods.

If your restaurant has multiple grinding needs, the EK43 could be a great fit. The ability to grind coffee and other products means lots of options for coffee service and recipes to potentially broaden your menu.


The EK43 packs power and prestige into a retail coffee grinder.

With one of the highest grinding capacities on the market, the Mahlkonig EK43  surpasses most models in speed and performance. It grinds coffee into perfectly uniform particles in as little as 20 seconds.

A built-in bag clamp allows you to grind coffee and see to other tasks at the same time while the stepless grind adjustment dial can be set for anything from real Turkish coffee and espresso to French press.

Super cool grinding ensures that the quality of the coffee is always protected. Provide better customer service, more flexibility, and a superior product with the EK43. 


The uniformity of the coffee particles that the EK43 produces means cleaner, well-balanced flavors. Harsher flavors and inconsistency are avoided by design, making your product more reliable and desirable for the customer.

Few models keep grinding cool as efficiently as the EK43. Thanks to the comprehensive design, it can be used for continuous grinding of retail coffee and drip coffee for your business without compromising flavor.


The German brand Mahlkonig has been in the business for nearly a century. Associated with high performance and precision, Mahlkonig continues to provide the coffee world with best-in-class grinder designs.

Key Features and What They Mean

98mm Flat Burrs

The huge grinding discs in the Mahlkonig EK43 provide super quick and cool grinding to help you provide faster customer service and a high-quality product. Coffee on a fine Turkish setting is ground at 2.8 pounds per minute while coarser settings supply 3.4 pounds of ground coffee per minute.

Bag Clamp

The bag clamp holds retail bags while the EK43 grinds. You can walk away until all the coffee is ground, interact with customers more, and get more tasks completed.

Knock-Off Device

To prevent precious coffee from being wasted, this model comes with a knock-off device the user taps to clear the chute. It’s an easy way of limiting waste and minimizing the risk of leftover coffee from different batches.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Turn the stepless grind adjustment dial fluidly and, in any increment, to determine the most accurate setting for any coffee. You don’t have to settle for a nearly perfect fineness setting with this system.

Hopper Magnet

The hopper magnet safeguards the grinding discs in case metal objects make their way in, potentially helping them last much longer.

Lockable Hopper

If you want to change out the hopper, just slide the locking mechanism in place and take the hopper off, beans and all. This makes it easier to swap hoppers with different coffee types.

Hopper Options

The EK43’s standard hopper makes the total height of the grinder about 30 inches. If you need more room, a shorter hopper is available.

The shorter hopper reduces the height of the EK43 to 26.8 inches. This considerable height reduction may make all the difference for smaller shops and crowded spaces.

EK43 Specifications

Hopper Capacity

2.2 lbs.

Grinding Capacity - Turkish

2.8 lbs./min

Grinding Capacity - medium

3.4 lbs./min


100-115 V

Frequency / Phases

60 Hz / Single-Phase

Motor - rated power, Amps / hp

12 / 1.75

Grinding Disc Diameter

98 mm

Dimensions (w x d x h)

9.0“ x 16.1“ x 30.0“


9.0“ x 16.1“ x 26.8“ (Short Hopper)

Net weight

52.9 lbs

Shipping Weight

57.3 lbs


Bag Clamping


Knock-off Device


Hopper Magnet


Overload Protection



Real Turkish Fine Grinding


Espresso Grinding


Large Hopper

6.6 lbs

Other Grinding Goods

Coffee, spices, grains, poppy seed, linseed


ETL listed

Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between a flat burr grinder like the EK43 and a conical burr grinder?

A: As a flat burr grinder, the EK43 gives you totally consistent coffee particles. They’re uniform in size, which helps to meld the flavors of the coffee together. Many enthusiasts also note an underscoring of deeper tasting notes in coffee ground in a flat burr model.

The conical burr grinder is the other popular coffee grinder type. Its internal mechanisms work a bit differently and produce bimodal particles, or coffee particles of two different sizes. As a result, certain flavors are emphasized, notably brighter flavors.

The great thing about a flat burr grinder is that it makes it easier to maintain a rich, balanced flavor. While you’re brewing coffee ground in a conical burr grinder, the finer particles might become over-extracted or the larger particles might be under-extracted depending on your process.

If you want an easier approach to great coffee flavor, the EK43 is pretty much unbeatable.

Q: How does stepless grind adjustment work in the EK43?

A: Stepless grind adjustment means that you have the freedom to choose any fineness setting you want for the coffee.

The alternative, a stepped grinder, gives you certain presets to work within. This can be great for less experienced users as it’s easy to find settings.

That being said, it’s not always ideal if you want coffee ground more precisely. Precision translates to a more refined flavor profile, so if you want to bring out the nuances of the coffee, getting the exact fineness setting you need with stepless grind adjustment is part of the process.

Q: How does burr size affect the coffee?

A: Burr size may have quite a significant impact on the coffee. A larger burr can actually help to maintain cooler grinding, which ends up preserving the flavor of the final product.

Here’s how it works. Larger burrs have larger surfaces with more “teeth,” so they need to rotate fewer times to grind the coffee. Because of this, less friction is created and the motor runs for a shorter period of time, so less internal heat is produced.

The reason this is important is that heat can actually damage the coffee flavor and quality. You might notice that coffee that was overheated as it was ground tastes a little on the burned side.

The EK43’s 98 mm burrs are considered to be fairly massive even by large burr grinder standards, contributing to this model’s ultra cool grinding. It’s why you’re able to grind all day long without worrying about heat issues.

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