Mazzer E Kold S Espresso Grinder

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Kold S on demand Conical Espresso Grinder

Kold S Electronic Features

You can expect cutting-edge technology and premium quality grinds from the Kold S. Besides enhanced performances in terms of consistency and retention, the Kold S is characterized by the particular attention it pays to the temperature of the coffee beans: coffee beans are protected against exposure to heat even if grinding times are extended, thanks to a specifically designed mechanical construction, low RPM and the double cooling system. 

  • Grind Flow Control System ensures uniform coffee grounds in your portafilter while eliminating waste on the counter.
  • Electronic control panel in 19 languages with daily grinding statistics.
  • Programmable single, double and triple dose buttons: time adjustment to a hundredth of a second.
  • Manual grinding mode and the ability to set up a maximum dose cap.
  • Alerts on service needs to prolong the life of your machine.
  • Ergonomically designed control panel with a wide viewing angle (>160°).

Optional Add On's

Oversize Dose: 0.28-0.36 oz (8-10,5g)
Press: Spring coffee pressing device with long fork.
Tamper: Easy tamper for doser.

About The Brand

Coffee grinder production started in the 40s and Mazzer quickly gained worldwide popularity in the market as a pioneer in the industry specializing in grinder-dosers and coffee grinders. Today the company has a strong philosophy that stands on perfectionism and constant improvement so you can be sure that you're selecting the perfect espresso bean grinder from Mazzer

Kold S electronic is an electronic grinder-doser with a belt-driven transmission, conical grinding blades, and slow speed rotation suitable for high consumption.

  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment with a high precision numeric knob with lap counter
  • Grind Flow Control System – GFC
  • On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment
  • Single, double, and triple dose buttons, programmable pause function in between grinding, manual grinding mode, time adjustment of a hundredth of a second
  • 19 language electronic control panel, dose counters, ability to set up a Maximum dose cap
  • Daily grinding Statistics
  • Alerts on service needs
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Double ventilation device with electronic control to keep cool the motor and the grinding chamber
  • Hand tamper and support for tamping are included
  • Industry professional installation and set up required

Mazzer's new grinders are equipped with a GFC system, or Grind Control Flow, a dynamic system that responds to the needs of a given coffee. The GFC - through a set of interchangeable wire dampers - provides enhanced control through the grinding chute, improving dose consistency and grind quality.

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WARRANTY: All new Mazzer grinders include 1-year parts and a 30-day labor warranty. 

GRINDER CALIBRATION: There may be signs of use from the Mazzer factory calibration process, which involves the use of coffee beans. Per Mazzer, each grinder is factory tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans before being sold. Additionally, per Mazzer, it is normal to have some coffee residue, dust, or particles leftover from the calibration process in a "factory new" grinding machine. If you have further questions regarding the calibration process, please contact Mazzer directly.

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