Mazzer Major V Electronic Grinder 2nd Generation

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MAZZER Major V Electronic on Demand Grinder


The 2nd Generation: A sharp compact design coupled with high-precision CNC machined components makes the Major V Electronic one of the best powerhouse espresso grinders on the market.

Dual cooling fans, low retention, and an easy-to-set memory track system make this one of the easiest to use Mazzer grinder to date.

FEATURES 83MM FLAT STEEL BURRS - LOW RETENTION The latest model of the Mazzer Major V Electronic is truly revolutionary! Mazzer has outdone themselves with this model. With large 83mm flat burrs designed and produced in-house

the Mazzer Major V is perfect for the busy cafe or the power home-user

. GRIND FLOW CONTROL (GFC) Mazzer’s Grind Flow Control (GFC) system The GFC System consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert with three interchangeable wire dampers. The Grind Flow Control System (GFC) assists in superior clump reduction, particle size distribution, and reduces mess on your counter by reducing the electrostatic charge.

The Grind Flow Control (GFC) system can be accessed under the high-tech electronics, located under the finger guard in the dosing cup.

HIGH-TECH ELECTRONICS The electronic control panel on the Mazzer Major V electronics is one of the easiest systems to use on the market.

A 19-language wide viewing angle control panel exhibits all of your grinding stats, service alerts, and dosing information.


• Total Dose Counter

• Partial Dose Counter

• Daily Grinding Statistics


• Ability to set a maximum dose cap

• Programmable single, double, and triple dose buttons.

Timed dosing programmable in steps of a hundredth of a second.

EASY TO DIAL-IN & CLEAN The biggest annoyance with every grinder whether you’re in a commercial or home environment is dialing in your grinder. The second is making sure you keep it working in tip-top shape which cleaning is a major factor in improving the longevity of your espresso grinder.

With the Mazzer Major V electronic it’s incredibly easy to dial-in. The smooth and micrometrical stepless collar adjustment you have a nearly infinite number of grind settings. To help maintain the grind setting’s zero-point thereby reducing the amount of waste, the grind number on the collar adjustment move.

As seen in the figure below - two Phillips head screws give you a zero point to adjust to either when you add a new hopper full of beans or as your grinder works in your cafe give you a point of reference to return to.

Maintaining your perfect grind is incredibly important in both commercial and residential environments. When cleaning your grinder, you will not lose your grind.

The lower burr is what moves, to allow the upper burr to lift with ease by a couple of Allen screws for full exposure of the grinding wheels for easy cleaning.

HANDS-FREE PORTAFILTER ACTIVATED The Mazzer R Major V’s portafilter fork is one of the most adjustable forks on the market. The ability to adjust in three-ways allows even the most unique portafilters to fit with ease. Hands-free grinding saves time, and this portafilter fork allows the coffee to be dispensed directly into the center of most any portafilter!

The Mazzer Major V electronics' hand-free portafilter activated grinding is truly amazing how clean it is. Nearly hitting the center of your insert basket every time with a couple of brief adjustments!


Height 26.75 in Width 10 in Depth 11.50 in

Hopper Capacity 3.50 g

Weight 45.20 lbs Grinding Burr Size 83 mm

Burr Material Flat or Conical Flat

Grinding Adjustment Type Stepless

Micrometrical Average Output g/s

Dosing Dose Setting(s) Single, Double, Triple

Other Motor Speed 1600 RPM

Power 650 W Outlet Rating 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions

Apply) Equipped with Fan Yes

Warranty Period 1 Year Parts & Labor

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