Rocket R58 Cinquantotto

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Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Dual Boiler


Full factory One-year parts warranty due to defective parts. and bench labor

Rocket very strong staple dual boiler R58 and gave it some enhancements to complete its new generation of the R58 in the dual boiler espresso machine. 

Why You Should Get It: This Rocket won’t let you down. It’s reliable, innovative and thoughtfully designed. The touchscreen display is a knockout addition, letting you control boiler temperatures with precision, turn off the steam boiler if you like, set on/off times at two different times. Example on at 6AM off at 9.00AM, on at 5PM off at 9:00PM for each day of the week, or 1.5 hr. after not using machine and a lot more.

Do I Need a Dual Boiler? Before we get into the newly designed R58, we encourage you to ask yourself if a dual boiler is necessary for your first or up grated espresso machine.

Dual boilers PID temperature-controlled machines shine in the brew temperature department for coffee consistency. Since each boiler is dedicated to one sole function (one for steaming, the other for brewing), you’ll find zero loss of pressure between use on a dual boiler machine when compared to a single boiler heat exchanger espresso machine. You can also have the main steam boiler off until you need it, therefor saving emerge cost. If you only plan on making one or two drinks per day – a dual boiler can certainly be considered overkill and unnecessary for your specific needs, unless you drink different coffees that require different brew temperature water for their best taste. However, if you’re going to be making drinks for the whole family, or entertain a lot, a dual boiler should be at the top of your list.

Steam Pressure on the Rocket R58: One of the greatest benefits of a dual boiler is temperature stability. One boiler solely dedicated to brewing shots of espresso, the other dedicated solely to steaming milk. What this means for you is zero loss of pressure for steaming and miner loss in brew temperature water for making consistent high-quality espresso without waiting. When brewing and steaming simultaneously in addition to zero recoup time in between shots. A single boiler heat exchanger machine will experience some pressure or brew temperature loss when performing both functions simultaneously. In addition to some required time to rebuild pressure after creating a milk drink or 2 on most home machines with limited 110-volt power and boiler size.

Dual Boiler vs. Heat Exchanger There are some more differences worth noting here. Home machines: Pump type – most prosumer dual boilers are going to contain a rotary pump (not all, but most) while most heat exchanger will be fitted with a vibration pump (again, not all, but most). Rotary pump vs. vibratory pump – you’ll find rotary pumps to be more consistent, quieter, and allow you to plumb your machine directly to your water line (if you want).

Commercial Rotary Pump: The R Cinquantotto is equipped with a commercial grade rotary pump with external pressure adjustment controls, allowing users to fine tune pump pressure while viewing the dedicated pressure gauge.

Rocket reconfigured the internal architecture of the pump to increase efficiency and reduce noise creating the one of the quietest rotary pumps around. PID temperature control – while PID is not a necessity on a heat exchanger, it is convenient.

Most dual boiler will be fitted with PID to easily access and adjustment for both steam and coffee boiler temperatures.

Rocket R58 Cinquantotto – What’s New A strong solid twin boiler machine, with the Rocket R58 independent e61 brew group and steam boiler system You can rely on a quality espresso from this twin boiler machine from Rocket every time. Touchscreen Communication Pod The included touchscreen device can be easily plugged into the side of the machine where it rests at a fixed position, angled up for easy reading.

Temperatures in the brew boiler and steam boiler are displayed individually and can be raised or lowered to your preference. Set on/off times for each day of the week, turn on ECO mode, or even turn off the steam boiler to save power.

We recommend incorporating a BWT water filter into the plumb line to remove scale building minerals from the water, thus improving the coffee taste and longevity of your machine.

Features & Functionality of the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - V2

• Dual Boilers: • Working independently for both brewing and steaming, the dual boiler along with e61 brew group thermosiphon system design allows for stability in the espresso boiler and increased levels of steam pressure and hot water from the service boiler.

The brewing boiler holds 0.58 liters while the hot water/steam boiler holds 1.7 liters.

• Dual PID Temperature Control: Program steam and brew boilers with an electronic remote-control PID that plugs into the side of the machine and does not interfere with the R58's classic styling.

• Commercial Rotary Pump: Quieter than most other rotary pumps, the R58's pump gives you the ability to adjust the pump pressure with the external pressure adjustment controls while monitoring through the pressure gauges.

• Pre-Infusion: To extract the full flavor and aroma when you brew your espresso, the R58 has a dual pre-infusion system encompassing a working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. • Pressure Gauges: With two pressures gauges on the face of the R58, one monitors the pump while the other monitors the boiler pressure.

• Commercial Parts: Keeping up to its high standards, Rocket made sure that the R58 was made of quality commercial parts, including the E-61 brew head, rotary pump and heavy weight portafilter (with single and double baskets).

• Plumb It! Standard with a 2.5-liter water reservoir, a control switch allows you to plumb the R58 right into your kitchen's water line.

• Upgraded and Additional Steam Tip: The steam tip now features a 1.2mm diameter hole, and you get a replacement tip for down the road!

• Handcrafted: Each machine is unique, and hand crafted in Italy. Small warps in the case are normal and part of each machine's unique assembly process. · Dual Boiler - Made of lead-free copper, these boilers guarantee consistent heat retention and faster brewing and steaming turnaround time. You'll be able to make more drinks in a quicker amount of time.

· Electronic Controls - No need to crack into the brain of this machine, the double PID maintains both boiler temperatures and can be programmed with an electronic remote-control box on the side of the machine.

· Rotary Pump - To give create ideal pressure, this quiet rotary pump has an external pressure adjustment control so you can adjust the pump pressure with the use of the visible pressure gauge.

· Stronger Chassis - The upgraded chassis ensures your R58 arrives in pristine condition! · External

PID: The PID controller is on the side of the machine, attached with a USB cord, Removable if wanted How Does it Compare? An electronic PID guarantees consistent temperature regulation for each boiler, handy when making a wide variety of beverages in a short time frame. An upgraded rotary pump eliminates back pressure from the boiler and makes this machine plumbable.

Manufacturer Rocket Espresso

Width 12.25 inches Depth 17.5 inches Height 16.25 inches

Product Weight (lbs.) 64 Watts 1400W

Programmability PID

Case Material Stainless Steel

Boiler Material Brass/Copper

Boiler Volume Steam: 1.7 liter

Reservoir Size 2.5 liter

Solenoid Valve Yes

Cup Warmer Yes

Portafilter Size 58mm

Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized

Warm Up: Brew Time 20 minutes

Warm Up: Steam Time 20 minutes

Boiler Design Double Boiler

NSF Certified

No Pod Friendly No

Water Sources Convertible - Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in

Auto Shut Off Yes Auto On Yes

Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes

Material Stainless Steel

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Enhance coffee flavor with a BMT Bestmax premium 5 stage filter containing magnesium for improved taste or the standard 4 stage protection filter. For the premium option, consider using a water meter to monitor filter change based on magnesium levels.

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The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

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