Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine

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Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine

The Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine redefines home espresso brewing with its advanced features and exceptional control over every brewing parameter. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast, the YOU provides unparalleled flexibility and precision.

Sanremo YOU Key Features

  • Dual Boiler System: Stainless steel AISI316 boilers ensure stable temperature control and optimal coffee extraction.
  • Pressure Profiling: Real-time pressure control with programmable profiles for perfect espresso every time.
  • Customizable Extraction Profiles: Save and program up to 22 different flow profiles, including pre- and post-infusion settings.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Intuitive and responsive touchscreen for easy control and monitoring of all brewing parameters.
  • Energy Efficiency: Features automatic and manual energy-saving modes to reduce environmental impact.
  • Versatile Water Source: Choose between an internal reservoir and direct plumbing for ultimate convenience.
  • Cool Touch Wands: Steam and hot water wands designed for safety and ease of use.
  • Firmware Updates: USB port for easy software updates and profile management.
  • Reservoir (standard): The reservoir is the water tank an espresso machine pulls water from to fill its boilers. Having a reservoir means a machine can be portable and work in locations where plumbing isn't an option.
  • Direct Plumb: Direct plumbing means you can hook the machine directly to a water line and never have to worry about refilling your reservoir again. In addition, this allows you to connect the drip tray to a drain, so you don't have to constantly walk to the sink to drain the tray. Plumb in components are included with the YOU.

Why Choose the Sanremo YOU?

The Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine is the ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who demand precision and control. Its advanced features, such as pressure profiling and dual boilers, ensure each shot of espresso is brewed to perfection. The customizable profiles allow you to experiment and create your unique recipes, making it a versatile tool for both home use and professional settings.

Sanremo YOU Specifications

Feature Details
Dimensions Height: 15.5 in
Width: 13 in
Depth: 21 in
Weight: 75 lbs
Housing Material: Stainless steel
Drip Tray: Plastic
Drip Tray Cover: Stainless steel
Drainable Drip Tray: Yes
Water Reservoir Reservoir or Plumbed: Both
Capacity: 2 L
Material: Plastic
Removable: Yes
Low Water Shutoff: Yes
Steam Wand Material: Double-walled stainless steel
No Burn (Insulated): Yes
Wand Movement: Articulating, full rotation
Steam Tip Holes: 2
Optional Steam Tips: Yes
Controls Temperature: Adjustable
Display Type: Digital
Integrated Shot Timer: Yes
Built-In On/Off Timer: Yes
Display Cleaning Reminder: Yes
Pre-Infusion: Yes
Flow Profiling: Yes
Volumetric Dosing: Yes
Pressure Gauges: Yes
Cup Warming Tray Material: Stainless steel
Portafilters & Tampers Materials: Chrome plated brass body with aluminum handle
Type: Commercial 58mm
Portafilters Included: 2 (single and double spouted)
Baskets Included: Single, double, and backflush disk for cleaning
Tamper Included: Yes
Group Head Type: Commercial 58mm
Boilers Material: Stainless steel
Brew Boiler Size: 0.5L
Steam Boiler Size: 2 L
Brew Boiler Power: 1500W
Steam Boiler Power: 1650W
Boilers Automatically Fill: Yes
Pump Pump Type: Gear pump
Adjustable Brew Pressure: Yes
Warranty One-year parts & labor due to defective parts
Other Details Commercial Certifications: NSF
Max Wattage: 1650W
Plug Type: 15 amp

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sanremo YOU

  • Who is the Sanremo YOU for?
  • Coffee roaster labs, home prosumers, and mobile coffee carts & trailers are the primary use cases for the YOU, but it’s a very flexible machine that can meet the user where they are at in their coffee journey so it could be used in many other circumstances as well.
  • Are there any preset profiles on the machine out of the box?
  • Yes! There are 6 preset profiles for ristretto, espresso, and Lungo shots.
  • What is the body of the machine made of?
  • The machine is mostly of metal construction, with the exception of the group cover which is a heavy heat-resistant plastic polymer and the bed of the drip tray.
  • Is there Wi-Fi connectivity?
  • Yes! Units produced for the USA after February 2023 now have the Wi-Fi module installed. Previous production for the USA did not have Wi-Fi capability.
  • What is the range of pressure on the manual brew paddle?
  • Roughly 0.5 to 12 Bars of pressure.
  • What kind of pump does it use?
  • An integrated rotary pump and motor.
  • Does it have to be programmed?
  • Not at all! If you'd prefer to just use it with the manual paddle, you do not have to save any profiles to brew great coffee.
  • Can the water reservoir be removed for cleaning?
  • Absolutely. It can be easily lifted from the top of the machine for cleaning.
  • How powerful is the steaming system?
  • Even though the steam boiler is only 1 liter, it can be cranked up to 1.8 bars of pressure and is more than capable of commercial levels of steaming. For most home applications, we would recommend the machine be set to around 1.1 bars of steam pressure though.
  • What kind of baristas is this machine best for? Beginner or Experienced?
  • The Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine is best suited for experienced baristas. Its advanced features and customizable profiles provide a high level of control that may be overwhelming for beginners but are ideal for those who have a solid understanding of espresso brewing techniques.
  • How much brewing control does this machine provide?
  • The YOU Espresso Machine offers extensive brewing control. With its dual boilers, pressure profiling, and customizable extraction profiles, you can fine-tune every aspect of your espresso shot. The touchscreen interface provides real-time feedback on temperature, pressure, and flow rate, ensuring precise control over each shot.
  • What drink options can this machine provide?
  • This machine can create a variety of espresso-based drinks, including ristretto, espresso, and lungo. Its advanced steam wand allows for excellent milk frothing, making it easy to prepare cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based beverages.
  • What is the operational efficiency of this machine? High Volume, Moderate, or Low Volume?
  • The Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine is designed for moderate to high-volume use. Its dual boilers and efficient heat management ensure it can handle back-to-back brewing without compromising on quality.
  • Is this a high-budget, mid-range, or low-budget machine?
  • The Sanremo YOU is a high-budget espresso machine. It offers premium features, durability, and advanced brewing capabilities, positioning it at the high end of the market for both home and professional use.
  • What is the ease of maintenance?
  • The YOU Espresso Machine is designed for easy maintenance. It features a rear flap for simple access to electronic components, and the water reservoir is easily removable for cleaning. Additionally, the machine includes a USB port for easy firmware updates and profile management, ensuring it remains up-to-date with minimal effort.

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