Sanremo YOU Limited Addsion Espresso Machine

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Sanremo YOU Limited 


One-year parts & labor due to defective parts

 The Limited addition models change from month to month. Normally there are 3 different versions available. 

The Coffee LAB Multi Boiler Espresso Machine for the home market

The YOU.  is Designed to allow total control of the extraction parameters and then… It’s all up to you.

YOU was born to be more than a professional tool. It is a personal assistant, thanks to the possibility of creating manual settings and saving them by inventing original recipes. Inspiring you to continue to experiment, improve, if your coffee can be better?

You are in Control.

Extraction profiles customizable and storable

6-Standard profiles with optimal parameters presets.

12-Profiles completely customizable by intervening in all 3 extraction phases, and with the ability to totally disable pre-infusion and post-infusion.

Your settable manual profiles are done directly from the Paddle.

Single group, multi boiler, -

The YOU model is designed to provide the coffee world with a machine that can be described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance, and an ability to exalt the aromas of any type of coffee.

MULTI BOILER: Both boilers, coffee, and services are in AISI 316 stainless steel.

CONSTANT STABILITY: Even after prolonged dispensing, thanks to the electronic control of pressure and temperature.

3 CONFIGURATIONS: with a water tank, with connection to the water mains, full of both possibilities.

VOLUMETRIC PUMP: A new generation of 70 liters allows profiling.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Two eco /on-off modes: automatic and manual.

ERGONOMICS: Start/stop levers to activate water and steam with just one click and steam and water wands Cold Touch.

WARRANTY - All new Sanremo espresso machines come with a 1-year parts warranty from the original order date.

The absence of water filtration voids this warranty.

The Sanremo You is a new single-group, multi-boiler espresso machine with both manual pressure profile and volumetric capability that is ideal for both commercial and home use.

The YOU is designed to provide the coffee world with a machine that can be described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance, and an ability to exalt the aromas of any type of coffee.

You are in control of your coffee experience. Using the brew paddle, you can adjust the pressure of the shot at each stage and monitor the extraction in real time on the display. If you like what you created, then you can save the profile so the machine will replicate it in the future

Sanremo YOU Features

Multi-boiler (steel) prosumer or commercial espresso machine

Manual, Volumetric Programming, and Pressure Profiling extraction methods

  • 1 Twin spout portafilter
  • 1 Nacked portafilter
  • 1 Single Presson basket
  • 1 Twin Presson basket 
  • 1 Blank flush basket 

Colors: Black, White & Black

Extraction profiles are customizable and storable.

Internal water reservoir or direct water connection compatible

Toggle actuated steam and hot water tap

Cool touch steam wand

PID controlled temperature for optimal stability and control

Adjustable pre and post infusion

Programable Profiles:

6 preloaded profiles (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, and double versions of each)

Up to 10 additional customizable profiles that can be set digitally.

Up to 6 additional storable "lever profiles" that can be saved from the use of the manual paddle extraction method.

Touch screen display rated for between 15,000 to 20,000 full-on hours.

Internal Rotary Pump for pressure profiling and pre-infusion without requiring direct plumbing into a water line.

Hot water temperature can be set digitally using the cool water mixing valve.

Energy saving features like standby modes and automatic on/off times by the day or hour.

All functions are accessible through the touch screen interface. Nothing

What's Included

1 Single spouted portafilter

1 Double spouted portafilter

2 portafilter baskets: 14g & 21g

Blind basket for cleaning

Drain Line

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Sanremo YOU for?

Coffee roaster labs, home prosumers, and mobile coffee carts & trailers are the primary use cases for the YOU, but its a very flexible machine that can meet the user where they are at in their coffee journey so it could be used in many other circumstances as well.

Are there any preset profiles on the machine out of the box?

Yes! There are 6 preset profiles for ristretto, espresso, and lungo shots.

What is the body of the machine made of?

The machine is mostly of metal construction, with the exception of the group cover which is a heavy heat resistant plastic polymer and the bed of the drip tray

Is there Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes! Units produced for the USA after February 2023 now have the Wifi module installed. Previous production for the USA did not have Wifi capability.

What is the range of pressure on the manual brew paddle?

Roughly 0.5 to 11 Bars of pressure.

What kind of pump does it use?

An integrated rotary pump and motor.

Does it have to be programmed?

Not at all! If you'd prefer to just use it with the manual paddle, you do not have to save any profiles to brew great coffee.

Can the water reservoir be removed for cleaning?

Absolutely. It can be easily lifted from the top of the machine for cleaning.

How powerful is the steaming system?

Even though the steam boiler is only 1 liter, it can be cranked up to 1.8 bars of pressure and is more than capable of commercial levels of steaming. For most home applications, we would recommend the machine be set to around 1.1 bars of steam pressure though.

Reservoir (standard): The reservoir is the water tank an espresso machine pulls water from to fill its boilers. Having a reservoir means a machine can be more portable and work in homes where plumbing isn't an option.

Direct Plumb: Direct plumbing means you can hook the machine directly to a water line and never have to worry about refilling your reservoir again. In addition, this allows you to connect the drip tray to a drain, so you don't have to constantly walk to the sink to drain the tray. Plumb in components is included with the YOU


Dimensions: 13"W x 21"D x 15.5"H

Weight: 70lbs

Group/Portafilter Size: 58mm

Steam Boiler: 1 liter

Brew Boiler: 0.5 liter

Water reservoir: 2 liters

Volts: 120

Watts: 1650

Amps: 13.75

Plug Type: Standard 15 amp.

Electrical 110V

Power consumption 2.35kW/ 1650 watts

Net Weight 70 lbs.

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Defend your factory warranty and machine from destructive hard water minerals leading to calcium buildup, and harm to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts. This all-in-1 filter is the solution for many hard water conditions.

Enhance coffee flavor with a BMT Bestmax premium 5 stage filter containing magnesium for improved taste or the standard 4 stage protection filter. For the premium option, consider using a water meter to monitor filter change based on magnesium levels.

Set the dial to 1, 2, or 3 on the BWT filter head to align with water hardness and brewing system needs. Achieve ideal protection and lifespan according to water hardness. Replace cartridges effortlessly without water shutdown.

The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

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