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What is the right Eversys model for my needs, for today and tomorrow?

              Cameo, Enigma or Shot Master

Super Automatic espresso machines sacrifice some of the barista’s control in exchange for increased consistency and user-friendliness.

There are two versions of Super Automatic models.

The 1 Step that produces drinks from the touch of a drink selection on the keypad or touch screen for both espresso and milk-based drinks, like Cappuccino. This model needs a cold milk source, and the completed drink comes through the dispensing head.

The Eversys 1 step has the option of having a twin milk system of 2 of the same or 2 different milks. One option is also a 1.5 step wand that can be programed to dispense a selected amount of steamed hot milk into a steam pitcher providing the look of a barista hands on drink without the need for as many extra pitchers, providing the perfect amount of milk with no milk remaining in the pitcher.  All Eversys 1 step models come standard with an automatic ever foam wand

The 2 steps where the coffee comes from a drink selection on the keypad for espresso and other coffee beverages through the dispensing head and the milk is steamed in a pitcher with an automatic steam wand with over 4 preprogramed selections for temperature and milk emulsion settings. 

(1) The Cameo is an all-in-one machine that has 1 brew Group and is available in the 1 step M Seres and the 2 -step S Seres.

(2) The Enigma is standard with twin brew groups in both the Classic model and the more elaborate finished Barista ST both a 1 and 2 step model. The is the 1 step,M series and the 2 step S is series .  they share 1 set of grinders for the twin brew groups. There is a verity of models available from the standard 4M & 4S to the 4m & 4S Wide for 2 people to stand at the machine at the same time.

(3) The Shotmaster line features a single and twin brew group with a set of 2 grinders per 1 or 2 brew groups. They can be put together to provide a set of grinders of both single and double groups providing up to 4 brew groups with 2 complete sets of grinders for very busy operations that need ultra-high volume of coffee production at very busy times through-out the day or want to use different coffees per set of grinders. 

Picking the proper super automatic espresso machine for your particular business is a detailed process. There are several aspects you should consider, such as the following topics:

  • Your employees’ experience.
  • Your drink menu
  • Your drink volume per hr. per day
  • Cup Size
  • Your budget
Before finalizing your purchase, please contact us

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