Technogel AgeTwin 55

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Age Twin 55 +55

Call for price - full one year factory warranty included

One-year parts Warranty & labor due to defective parts. Hook up and demonstration optional

Absolute Plus can coordinate the installation of your Age twin with a trained representative  

You can depend on Technogel to deliver the best Gelato or Ice Cream products.

Made entirely of stainless steel, the vats have printed circuits on the tanks for the circulation of the refrigerating gas.
The ice-cream mix is maintained at +4°C and is slow-stirred to ensure homogeneity and to make the finished ice-cream firmer and creamier.

The machines are supplied with both thermometers for remote-controlled temperature reading and with switches for independent operation of the two ageing vats.

Cooling of the mix is extremely rapid thanks to the extremely powerful semi-hermetic compressor