UNIC Tango Solo ST Steam Air 2 Step 2024

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UNIC TANGO Solo ST 2 Step Steam Air
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Includes Free shipping & hook up of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. Includes, 1 trip for local installation to buyer made ready water, electric, carpentry, drink set up, & demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.

Espresso is at UNIC's core since 1919: featuring renown patented Tango® Dual Infusion Chamber and exclusive precise grinders, the TANGO XP Solo is built to achieve replicable and high-quality coffee results in the cup. 

Handling high coffee volumes require an even best-in class performing coffee maker: the TANGO XP Duo is committed to deliver 440 espresso cups per hour, operating simultaneously the two separate groups, with always the same taste and consistency.

This machine will put out those espressos, Americanos cappuccinos & Lattes with 16 & 24 oz. drinks to go one after another.

TANGO XP Solo user-friendly 10“screen interface provides a clear intuitive menu to engage the different profiles operators in a full experience on coffee and milk parameters settings to tailor a specific drinks menu.

With a reduced 50cm width footprint, the TANGO XP Duo is offering a maximum of functionality, and its serviceable engineering design facilitates access to maintenance to always keep a full-time operative equipment.

Maintained in the machine is the Tango brew group, is the “heart of the machine” and one of the key reasons for temperature stability and quality output thanks to its metal material. This stability enables the machine to make up to 280 espressos, 190 long, 155 cappuccinos, and 110 lattes or 70 latte macchiatos per hour. Unic has also kept the internal operations of the machine, including heavy-duty components such as its 83-millimetre flat burr grinders.

What is different, however, is the weight of the machine thanks to the use of lighter materials, the width of the machine at 500 millimeters, and a user interface that is much easier to navigate.

“All of these changes tie back to the experience we want our customers to have, but also for the technicians who service the machine,”

As such, the dual output machine was built from the ground-up with easy access to the electronics, located on one side of the machine, and the hydraulics, on the other. A pivoting front screen also gives technicians full access to the brew group.

“The experience is therefore 360 degrees for everyone that interacts with the product. It’s about the product taste and result in the cup for the end user. It is about the accessibility for technicians, and the user interface for the people who are in front of the machine,

Regular software updates are continuously made and communicated, just like a mobile phone software notification.

Instructions for daily cleaning are intuitive with step-by-step illustrations to make the task simple for operators.

The Tango XP Solo: This model is suited to specialty coffee shops, chains, and quick service restaurant (QSR) outlets.

Width 15.5” x Depth 25 .7” x Height 31 57/64”                 
Weight      170 to 195 lbs.           
Steam Boiler Capacity / Power 1.8 L /5000 W
Coffee boiler capacity / Power 1.8 L /3000 W 
Total Power 4500-5990 W 22-25 Amps 

Voltage 208-240 V (Single)/60 Hz 208-240 V

• 2 independents boilers for coffee and steam 

• 2 independent steel pistons for patented infusion system

• 4 cups of coffee or split coffee & cappuccino or latte can be made at the same time

• Convenient telescopic dismountable coffee spouts

• Full size internal rotating motorized pump

• 2 bean hoppers with 3.75 Lb. capacity each

• Day and night mode (energy save)

• Temperature regulated steam wand

• 1 Hot water outlet • Low beans warning

• Auto clean cycle

• Power Mode: Single phase

• 80 mm grinding discs – 2 grinders get the job done quick

• Large cup warmer – holds up to 80 ESPRESSO cups

• Waste bin holds up to 130 used ESPRESSO cycles

• Steel framework with epoxy painted finish

• Customizable icons and buttons

• Panel control with display: Infusion programming by numbered display for all cup sizing – CHRONOGRAPH monitors extraction time, self-diagnostic

• Exceptional extraction quality, obtained through full control of 8 infusion parameters

• Unlimited Steam Capacity 

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Defend your factory warranty and machine from destructive hard water minerals leading to calcium buildup, and harm to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts. This all-in-1 filter is the solution for many hard water conditions.

Enhance coffee flavor with a BMT Bestmax premium 5 stage filter containing magnesium for improved taste or the standard 4 stage protection filter. For the premium option, consider using a water meter to monitor filter change based on magnesium levels.

Set the dial to 1, 2, or 3 on the BWT filter head to align with water hardness and brewing system needs. Achieve ideal protection and lifespan according to water hardness. Replace cartridges effortlessly without water shutdown.

The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

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