Upgrade Your Espresso Game with La Cimbali: Choosing the Perfect Traditional Machine for Your Business

Upgrade Your Espresso Game with La Cimbali: Choosing the Perfect Traditional Machine for Your Business

Are you in the food service industry, serving delightful 6 to 20 oz coffee beverages? Look no further than Absolute Espresso Plus and their range of La Cimbali traditional espresso machines. In this guide, we'll explore the ideal models that cater to your unique operational needs.



Why Should I Choose A Traditional Espresso Machine for My Business?


Opting for a traditional La Cimbali Espresso Machine for your business offers unparalleled control, precision, and craftsmanship, allowing skilled baristas to manually tailor each shot of espresso to perfection, ensuring a customized and exceptional coffee experience that caters to the unique preferences of your consumers. 

Factors to consider when picking a La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machine


When selecting a La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machine for your business, consider crucial factors such as:


  1. Skill Level:  Assess the expertise of your staff as traditional machines require skilled baristas for manual control.

  2. Brewing Control:  Evaluate the level of control you desire over variables like grind size, extraction time, and water temperature.

  3. Customization Options:  Consider the machine's ability to customize each shot, catering to the unique preferences of your clientele.

  4. Speed and Efficiency:  Determine the time commitment needed for manual brewing and whether it aligns with your operational speed requirements.

  5. Volume Capacity:  Choose a model that can handle both the volume of espresso and cappuccino demands in your business, ensuring quality and efficiency during peak hours.

  6. Additional Features:  Explore extras like digital readouts, Bluetooth capabilities, and thermal balancing systems for enhanced functionality.

  7. Maintenance Ease:  Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance to ensure smooth operations and longevity of the machine.

  8. Budget Constraints:  Align your choice with your budget, balancing the features you need with the investment you can make.

  9. Upgradability:  If considering future expansions, opt for a model that allows for upgrades and additional features.

  10. Brand Reputation:  La Cimbali is renowned for its quality; consider the brand's reputation and reliability in the industry.


Exploring Different La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machines?


Exploring the diverse range of La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machines unveils a world of precision and craftsmanship, where each model is designed to elevate your coffee experience. From the classic M26 B/E with its budget-friendly efficiency to the advanced M100 Aptiva GTI and the pinnacle of excellence in the M200 GTI, these machines cater to varying preferences and professional demands, promising a journey of rich flavors and consistently superior espresso in every cup.



M26 B/E – Perfect for Standard Heights and Budget-Friendly Brewing

Are you running a restaurant that specializes in 6 to 8 oz coffee offerings? The La Cimbali M26 B/E is your go-to solution. Its standard height and budget-friendly features make it the ideal choice for establishments looking for efficient and cost-effective brewing. For those serving 12, 16, and 20 oz cups on the go, consider the tall cup option, streamlining your service and saving valuable time.


M100 Aptiva GTI – Precision Brewing for the Coffee Professional

For coffee professionals who demand precision, the M100 Aptiva GTI is the next step up. With everything the M26 T/E offers, plus an independent boiler system with PID temperature control, this model ensures an exacting taste for your espresso. This traditional espresso machine adjusts each brew group temperature to match your coffee selection without impacting steam boiler temperatures. The M100 HD version even features a pressure profiling system for the ultimate taste experience with single-origin espressos.


M200 GTI – Unparalleled Excellence in Espresso Craftsmanship

At the pinnacle of La Cimbali's lineup, the M200 GTI offers everything the M100 Attiva does, and more. With a redesigned body for enhanced convenience and an adjustable drip tray for tall drinks, this model takes the barista's job to the next level. The independent boiler system with PID temperature control and a pressure profiling system in the M200 HD version ensures a consistent and exceptional tasting espresso from selected single-origin coffees.



Tailor Your Espresso Experience with La Cimbali


Elevate your coffee service, delight your consumers, and set the stage for an unforgettable espresso experience with the perfect La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machine tailored to your business needs.

Professional Guidance for a Seamless Purchase


Before finalizing your purchase, leverage the expertise of our professional commercial machine experts. Call our toll-free number (866) 711-3456 or (973) 687-5090 for personalized assistance. Let us guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the right machine and options that align with your needs and budget.