Unlocking the Perfect Espresso Experience: A Guide to Selecting the Right La Cimbali Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Unlocking the Perfect Espresso Experience: A Guide to Selecting the Right La Cimbali Super Automatic Espresso Machine

At Absolute Espresso Plus, we understand the quest for the perfect cup of espresso, and that's why we proudly present the La Cimbali lineup, a beacon of excellence in the realm of espresso machines. If you find yourself asking, "What is the right La Cimbali for my needs, for today and tomorrow?" – worry not. Absolute Espresso Plus is ready to guide your journey to discover the ideal La Cimbali espresso machine tailored specifically for your business.



Explore Our Diverse La Cimbali Machine Lineup

Delve into our comprehensive lineup of La Cimbali machines designed to elevate your espresso experience. Our super automatic models redefine convenience - just choose your desired drink, and let the machine handle the rest. From grinding and tamping to brewing and steaming milk, the touch screen selection or auto steam wand ensures a seamless process.

Choosing the Right La Cimbali Super Automatic Machine: 1-Step vs. 2-Step

Understanding the nuances of the 1 Step and 2 Steps models is crucial in making an informed decision.

  • The 1 Step model simplifies the process, delivering a completed drink with a touch of the keypad.

  • The 2 Steps model involves selecting your espresso or Americana on the keypad, with milk steamed separately. Consider factors such as cold milk sources, automatic steam wands, and the option for two different milks for the 1 Step system.

Factors to Consider in Your Decision-Making Process

Choosing the best super automatic espresso machine for your business involves careful consideration of various factors:

  1. Budget: Invest within your means.

  2. Employee Experience: Factor in the ease of use and training required.

  3. Drink Menu: Ensure the machine complements your menu requirements.

  4. Drink Volume per Hour: Think about the number of drinks you will need to make every hour

  5. Cup Size: Consider the sizes you offer.  For example: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, & 24 oz.

Tailoring your decision to these aspects ensures your La Cimbali machine harmonizes with the unique needs of your business.

Customized Solutions for Every Business

Cafes, restaurants, and coffee houses vary in their demands. For instance:

  • Cafes and Coffee Houses: Prioritize power and capacity for to-go paper cups.

  • Restaurants: Tailor capacity to breakfast, lunch, or dinner serving times.

  • Hotel or Business Office:  A focus on high capacity and rapid production to efficiently serve a large volume of guests or employees.


All commercial machines require essential features like an inbound water supply, outbound drain line, and a designated counter hole for water lines.

Professional Guidance for a Seamless Purchase

Before finalizing your purchase, leverage the expertise of our professional commercial machine experts. Call our toll-free number (866) 711-3456 or (973) 687-5090 for personalized assistance. Let us guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the right machine and options that align with your needs and budget.

La Cimbali Super Automatic Models: From Light to Heavy Duty

Our La Cimbali Super Automatic models cater to various service intensities:

  • Light Duty (S15): Up to 150 drinks per day, featuring a plastic brew group with middle insert to help maintain brew group heat temperature



  • Medium Heavy Duty (S30): Delivering 200 drinks per hour, with additional features like self-adjusting grinders and twin boilers, boasting 4,500 watts.
  • Heavy Duty (S60): A powerhouse producing 260 drinks per hour, featuring 3 grinders and coffee selections, from espresso, decaf and American self-adjusting grinders, twin boilers, and 5,500 watts of power. Two steam wands and a pre-ground coffee turntable expedite delivery times.



The journey to selecting the perfect La Cimbali espresso machine involves understanding your unique business requirements. Let Absolute Espresso Plus be your guide on this journey, ensuring that your investment propels your business to new heights in the world of espresso!

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