We have what you need From  floor modal artisan production batch freezers and all in one combo batch freezers, to a complete line artisan whipped cream machines. or industrial production systems of pasteurizer, agers,  homogenizer, to continues freezers and fruit feeder Technogel has what you need.

Call us and see why Technogel is a major player in the world of frozen desert production equipment with world wide sales made in Italy.



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Technogel Mantagel 30 Batch Freezer
Technogel Mantagel 50 Batch Freezer
Technogel Mantagel 70 Batch Freezer
Technogel Mix Gel 30 Batch Freezer
Technogel Mix Gel 50 Combination Freezer
Technogel Pasteurizer 60
Technogel Pasteurizer 110
Technogel AgeTwin 55
Technogel (Boy) Whipped Cream Machine
Technogel (Pony) Whipped Cream Machine
Technogel (Boy) Whipped Cream Machine